ConnectX Global non-profit Startup, and a global community of technophiles, entrepreneurs and leaders who build services and technologies to promote innovation and equal opportunities in our societies. we believe that diversity and inclusion are fundamental, in the process of innovation both in the growth and transformation of our societies. 

ConnectX Global wishes to enable companies to engage alongside the talents of diversity to bring out new fields of possibilities and accelerate the progress of our societies.

ConnectX Global is responsible for connecting key accounts to international innovation champions.

ConnectX Hire

ConnectX Hire - Sourcing the best of the best innovation champions from around the world.

ConnectX Bizytrip

ConnectX Bizytrip - Meet the innovation champions to create synergies.

ConnectX Insights

ConnectX Insights - Measure the impact of diversity and inclusion at the heart of business growth.

ConnectX Summit

ConnectX Summit - The summit of innovations and emerging territories

ConnectX Conference

ConnectX Conference - The conference of champions of innovation and diversity. 

ConnectX Meetup

ConnectX Meetup - The meetup of diversity and emerging innovations